5.21.24 ---- Soon to be releasing our first single - Hardcore
5.21.24 ---- Prepping for our vocalist reveal
5.21.24 ---- Getting ready for our introductory stream for you
5.21.24 ---- Putting our finishing touches on our official website
Artists ---- FAFH, Utatorix, Cinnon, Corsalina, Lei
Vocal Arranger ---- Raindeavor
Web Designer ---- Winnie
Director, Video Editor, Social Media Manager, 3D Modeler, Audio Editor, Lyricist ---- Raindeavor


Welcome ♥

Me + U is an upcoming music and vtuber group created by a group of gamers that also discovered that they shared a passion for singing. They strive to create a platform where they can be their authentic selves, and hope to bring songs that are a mixture of relatable, uplifting, and playful. Specializing in pop, edm, and r&b they aim to raise the bar and add some extra flavor to their music. With a background in things like classical music, musical theater, pop music, and more, they are excited to show what they have to offer together.Within the realm of gaming, each member specializes in a different genre, however each member would tell you they have many favorites. The goal is to bring you cozy streams where you can vibe and make new friends, or perhaps sometimes get a few laughs. Ranging from competitive to casual, every member has something different to bring to the table, and the group has something for everyone. Stay tuned to find out what new releases, streams, and content is coming to you soon! Come join us for future Twitch and YouTube streams!




The Elitist

She/Her - 33 - MMORPG Specialist


MMORPGS, action mobas, arena games, party games, Overwatch.


Singing, writing, reading, gaming, photography, mixing, video editing, psychology, snacks, naps, blankets.


Raindeavor is very down to earth and level headed, more of an intellectual. She often comes across as lacking in character or cold because she is initially shy, observant, and generally awkward. Very straightforward and honest, regardless of if it takes a toll on her, she is always herself, and often finds she is a black sheep in many situations. She has a lot of creative ideas often going through her head all of the time, and she loves to push boundaries within her creative projects.


Raindeavor is the creator and creative director of Me+U. She had developed an interest in music at a very young age, though only ever would casually sing, away from others, usually too shy to perform. While she had a deep love for music, at a very young age, she had also discovered gaming. Raindeavor started gaming at the age of two, her first game being Mario on Nintendo. She would beat Mario, and go on to play various games on several consoles. Eventually, she would settle on being a PC gamer. At the age of eighteen, she joined the Youtaite community, and started creating vocaloid covers. This was when her passion for music took a new turn, and where she started to flourish creatively. In school, she had started writing poetry, which was always rather dark and emotional, which she felt was her niche, and felt more engaging.She would go on to win several awards for her poetry, and her poetry, would then aid her in becoming a lyricist. She still utilizes the same, dark and tragic style, hoping to convey some kind of emotion, and also likes to write about meaningful topics, relatable by the general society, and bring up issues which she feels are not talked about enough. She prides herself in her rather unfiltered delivery of her perspective of the world. When gaming, she enjoys things that are challenging, and competitive in some way. Her niche has long been mmorpgs, but she plays various genres. She mostly thinks of herself as a dedicated healer, with a love for underdog classes, and creating her own builds. Raindeavor has also been part of many top guilds in different games, generally PVE or PVX focused. While she thinks of herself as a PVE hero, she likes both PVE and PVP. She has reached several top ranks on group leaderboards for PVE, as well as things like world first boss kills, or server second 20 floor tower completion, titles for clearing hard mode dungeons hundreds of times, and first and second PVP ranks for equalized PVP.Even when she was young, she was rather creative in various areas. She would often create videos in her head to music, and create vocal melodies at random, although much to her dismay, never when she wants it to happen. While she never thought she would be creating or directing music videos, or creative ideas, she is super excited that that is where she is at today. Raindeavor grew to love photography, videography, video editing, creative direction, and lyric rearrangement. She currently conceptualizes and directs the Me+U original videos, as well as works with their 3D models. She is really large on story telling, and conveying emotion, connecting with the viewer. She also occasionally does modeling and product photography, and sometimes will stream herself gaming.In the Youtaite world, she would go on to be part of several short term groups, which were often part of musical competitions online. Most memorable groups which she has organized were Bacio Della Morte, and Anemone. Bacio Della Morte, while short lived, ended up being a fan favorite, with a story which many viewers loved, and powerful vocals, with lovely mashup arrangements. Unfortunately she left the group after having differences and issues with them. Another group she created was Anemone, which focused on orchestral covers, often times by the composer Morrigan, which is one of Raindeavor's main influences. They would be known for being highly talented vocalists, and joined several music competitions. Raindeavor had also organized other short term groups, often in which she tried to create unique concepts and ideas within the space. One of her strengths has always been not to shy away from different things, that no one is doing yet. Vocally, she sings in both pop and classical styles, and has always favored her classical timbre.Some of Raindeavor's main influences are Morrigan, Lily, Akiko Shikata, Kokia, Sam Smith, as well as close friends Rivynn, and L'ouie. She loves complex arrangements, and highly layered vocal tracks. She also loves stylistic singing, and mixing various vocal timbres and colors within any genre. Other interests of Raindeavor's include reading, writing, mixing and mastering, photomanipulation, art compositing, streaming, content creation, and probably snacking, she insists that's a hobby.Raindeavor decided to create Me+U to foster a group that represented authentic individuals, with hopes of creating a comfy community. She strongly believes that people should be themselves, and wants to be part of a group that connects with their viewers, as well as other members. She works with various creative aspects of the group, and is excited to see where they will go.


The Adventurer

She/Her - 19 - Sandbox Specialist


Sandbox games, MMORPGS, shooters, horror games.


Singing, playing the guitar and spending hours upon hours on her favorite games.


Mimi is a very soft but enthusiastic girl. Overall she is quite outgoing and can talk for ages about her passions but can also become quite shy when somebody tells her that she talks too much. She also loves to play the guitar. Normally the guitar is portrayed as something very rock-like but she makes it fit into her own aesthetics. Singing is something she has always done since she was little, it is something that makes all of her sorrows wash away. Mimi wouldn’t quickly be angry unless you have done something really bad. She is always kind and softhearted to people and is always up for something sociable.


Mimi always enjoyed singing very much from a young age and quickly knew that she could grow out this talent to something more. She never could have lessons because her parents weren’t able to afford it, so she started teaching herself and spent every hour of the day singing her favorite songs. This makes it that she has a very unique style of her own. When she grew a bit older she got a job in a restaurant where she could buy her first guitar. She always admired the sound of the instrument and she was so excited to finally be able to play by herself. Mimi’s hands are quite small so she chose an electrical guitar instead of an acoustic one because the neck is smaller. This gives her quite an unique playing style because that instrument is usually known for playing rock-music, while she uses it to play more calmer tranquil melodies.Overall, she had quite a normal up-bringing with a loving family who always supported her passions. Being so young, Mimi is quite innocent to the real-world. She doesn’t have that much experience yet which makes her vulnerable to people who want to take advantage of her talents. Once she had her first boyfriend which she loved dearly and her whole world was surrounded by him. Two years later she got betrayed by him. She never experienced pain like that before. How could someone I trusted so much take such advantage over me? She swore that no-one was ever able to hurt her like that anymore. Therefore nowadays, although being outgoing, she carefully picks who her friends are and who she trusts. Her friends from Me+U are all she needs…


The Filthy Casual

She/Her - 18 - Cozy Game Specialist


Sims 4 and Roblox.


Likes games but is really bad at them, loves anime and manga, loves to sing.


Even though Valxrie is aloof and slightly naive, she is is strong willed and extremely competitive.




The Storyteller

She/They - 23 - Simulation Specialist


Simulation games, RPGS, farming games, indie games, sandbox games.


Digital art, singing, window shopping, antiquing, reading, horror movies, cooking, long Youtube video essays.


Sweet, kind, and always a little bit sleepy, Winnie finds some of her greatest joy in helping people. For as long as she could remember, they’ve always been the support system-- the shoulder to cry on. Not that she ever minded, of course. She feels at peace being that person for her friends. Winnie is often soft-spoken, and loves to be resting in between streams, recording, and practices. She loves to dream, both in and out of sleep. They tend to romanticize life, always thinking the best of people (sometimes naively). It’s hard for them to dislike people due to hyper-empathy, yet nothing disgusts her more than hateful and bigoted people. She lives life truly believing that being kind and altruistic is the only way to exist, so knowing that there are people so filled with hate breaks her heart. So, Winnie decides that one of the best ways to spread love is through song. They use their talent of singing to uplift others and make the world a more joyful place, even if it is just one song at a time.


Winnie has lived a sheltered life. Her parents aren’t strict or protective, but it was Winnie herself who has accidentally sheltered herself. While most kids would be outside, playing in the street and getting knee scrapes, she preferred to spend most of their free time inside, drawing or telling stories with their Barbie dolls and Littlest Pet Shops. They had friends at school, and were somewhat involved in student life when they attended college. Yet, her own company was the one she enjoyed the most.This had its consequences, however. Her friends grew and experienced important life milestones around Winnie, leaving her behind. Time passed, yet Winnie always felt stagnant. Instead of living her own life, she spent hours living the lives of video game characters and the main characters of songs. Perhaps that’s why they jumped at the opportunity to join Me + U. It was a change, to say the least, for the isolated singer. Yet, it ended up being the best decision they could have made.Far more open and daring than ever before, Winnie felt like a whole new person. And they were a pretty big fan of who they were becoming.



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Danielle Oosterhof
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